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So. Heero tells me to go get pizza (at first I was baffled why we couldn't just get it delivered) and then when I get back, I go into my room to find a change of clothes and THERE ISN'T ANY. No, my clothes weren't all just dirty. THERE JUST WASN'T ANY CLOTHES! Or...anything! So I race out and Heero is all calm and I basically scream at him for a few minutes about WHERE THE HECK IS MY STUFF??? and he ignores me (tear) and I'm still yelling, and I almost hit him...but he stops me and then he just says that he moved it. Well, my theory about the moving fairies went out the window.

And it turns out he moved it into his room. Which is kind of sweet but kind of o.O?

And then we ate, talked, and went to bed.

(...nothing happened, you pervs. Oi vey.)

But anyways. It really was sweet, wasn't it?
Okay, okay. I know inquiring minds want to know (GLARE! GLARE!) so here are some details on Saturday night:

We went out to a restaurant, blahblahblah (they had jazz playing!), and I asked him about his job...I told him I loved him and then we talked some more...

His first reaction scared the hell out of me. Silence...makes me nervous. So I tried to deny it (I'm not good at lying, so it's not exactly a hardship to give it up completely).

His second reaction shocked the hell out of me. But yes, Heero is a very good kisser.


Uh. Well, I ain't exactly seeing you around a lot, Heero, so I guess this is a good a way as any.

Heero, would you like to have coffee with me over the weekend or something? Anytime that you're free?

I want to tell you something.
I have decided that I like mints! They're good and...chewylicious. Unless they're hard. Sometimes those scrape against your mouth and they make me choke a little.

...Alright, that sentence just ended in a place where it did not start. Like....



Yeah, like that!

Hummmmmmdelumdum. NO I DID NOT DO IT YET stop badgering, you know who you are. o___o I point at YOU!

But pointing is rude...

Ask me if I care. :P

...do you care?


You're so uncaring.

What! Just because of a pointing which technically I did not even do?

Yes, because TECHNICALLY you did do it.

...arguing with myself is kind of entertaining. :D

Off to my job I go! MailtimemailtimeMAAIIIIIIIILTIIIIME!!!

No excuses.

I watched movies and such today! It was tres (<-- haha, beat that, losers!) awesome. I think my eyes are like, permanently damaged but that doesn't matter because I am DUO and eyes are of no...er...matter to me! I should eat more bananas. 'cause they are the shit.

Hmmmmmmmm. For all those out there concerned...I still haven't done it yet. Yesyes, boo, hiss. What can I say, I've been busy ruining my eyes. 8D

Although I think I would look pretty hot with glasses on. Opinions, Heero?

Alright. Nothing much more to say, other than WORK SUCKS, I KNOW. Sushi is good, though. Peace out!
So...how is everybody? One's getting married, one's...not...one's on MARS.

And everybody else is just...out there. Thanks for keeping us in the know, yeah. (Not that I have room to talk. Which is why I'm typing. Haha, I'm hilarious.)
You know, I've figured there's probally a ton of names out there that no one ever wants to think about. I bet sometime in the universe, someone was named Hugh Jass or Mike Unt or...whatever (well, maybe not What Ever but then again...) 'cause there is a lotta crazy people out there who might've been high on drugs while delivering their babies and decided to say something like that.

But then the question would be, if parents are high enough not to know really what they're naming their child, then how are they sober enough to tell the official people that?!

Craaaazy world out there.

Boss gave me some vacation time (it had nothing to do with the fact that I was slacking off anyways. No. ISAIDNO.)so I'm not really sure if I'm gonna take it. We'll see. :P


QUATRE, YOU'D BETTER LIKE THE BIG PACKAGE! I know you've always wanted one. ;)

Ummmmm...because my life is SO interesting and SO exciting, I have been really tired lately. Once again, weirdly, because I sit basically ALL DAY.


I got a free pizza today. Highlight of my week. HA.

Heeeeeero...come home and taaaalk to meeeeee...
I'm tiiiiired. I think. I might be. You'd think that I'd just be really energetic, what with just sitting there and driving all day to deliver, but no.

I dun really understand it either.


You people need to like, stop angsting at me, 'cause I think I'm getting enough angst. Oh wait, who'm I talking to, right?


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaerrrrrr...I need some caffeine or something...ok...I'm done now...uh.

Also. I kinda miss Jake. But I haven't really had time to miss him. I dunno if I would actually miss him, but I kind of feel obligated to. Yare, whatever.
Heero, you're NEVER AROUND. You know, I'd probably have more to talk about if I had someone to talk to. And since Jake is the only one to talk to (besides the walls...they're kind of non-responsive), of course I can only talk ABOUT Jake.

It's a losing game for you, Heeeeeero.

Have you guys tried pickled mango?!?! GO! DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW!!

And that conludes this evenings post.


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